Styx affords an impressionistic view of the subterranean world of a metropolitan subway system. Joining an anonymous mass of commuters, the camera embarks on a journey across a decaying cityscape.

10 minutes | 1976



Jury Prize, Rencontres Internationales Henri Langlois à Tours, France
Second Prize, International Short Film Festival, Bilbao, Spain
Festival Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival
First Place, Speech Communication Association

Selected Screenings

British Short Film Festival
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
American Film Festival, New York
Festival of New American Cinema, Chicago
Edison-Black Maria Film Festival
Flaherty Film Seminar
Midwest Film Conference, Chicago



Image Union, Chicago PBS
Territory, Texas PBS
First Expressions, Philadelphia cable


Press Quotes

“ …. it quickly establishes a tempo, a rhythm, and an almost symphonic kind of form that brings the everyday into a superbly balanced conjunction with the realm of the extraordinary suggested by the title…” San Francisco Chronicle


San Francisco Chronicle (Thomas Albright)
Museum of Modern Art Film Catalogue

Director’s Statement

Director’s Statement

As a film student in Philadelphia, I commuted daily from my apartment to the university. The sensory overload in the subway environment conferred a bubble of isolation on the individual commuter. People were in survival mode as they endured the auditory, visual, and olfactory assaults. During my travels, I saw striking images and ephemeral moments that suggested a Stygian journey. Influenced by the tradition of city symphony films, I embraced the challenge of transforming this prosaic environment into a visceral experience for the viewer.



Producer, Director, Editor – Jan Krawitz
Cinematographer – Thomas Ott
Music – Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company



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