Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers tells the story of two unique and engaging characters. Ellie embarks on an unpredictable journey of twists and turns, determined to give away one of her kidneys. Perfect Strangers raises questions about what motivates an individual towards an extreme act of compassion.

Big Enough

In this intimate portrait, several participants in Krawitz’s earlier film, Little People, welcome the camera into their lives twenty years later. They continue to confront physical and emotional challenges with humor, grace, and sometimes, frustration. The film portrays a proud community that eschews cultural stereotypes.

In Harm’s Way

In this personal memoir, the filmmaker’s adult experience as a victim of anonymous sexual violence prompts her to revisit the fragile myths of childhood.

Mirror Mirror

The film provocatively explores the relationship between a woman’s body image and a quest for the unattainable. Blending humor and candor, Mirror Mirror illuminates the vagaries in the concept of an “ideal” body.

Drive-in Blues

The film celebrates the drive-in movie and laments its decline. Laced with unusual archival footage, the tone of the film swings between camp and nostalgia.

Little People

Little People depicts the changes in attitude occurring among dwarfs as they struggle towards equal opportunity and enhanced self-esteem. The film provides insight into the dwarf experience and offers a unique and sometimes disturbing perspective on the average-sized world.

Cotton Candy and Elephant Stuff

The arduous lifestyle of a travelling tent circus often contradicts the romantic notion of “running away with a circus”. This film captures the magic and the routine of circus life.


A visual essay about the subterranean world of a metropolitan subway system. Joining an anonymous mass of commuters, the camera embarks on a journey across a decaying cityscape.